Highland Hope

Book 1 > Of Mist and Mountains

Sometimes the one you love is the very one you cannot have.

Lady Eve Sotherby dreams of escaping her horrid life in England, yet she has nowhere to run. So when she spies a posting for a companion in the Highlands, she seizes the chance to disappear. She’s heard tales about the barbaric Highlanders, of course, but no one can be worse than the beast she once foolishly agreed to wed. And never mind that she doesn’t meet any of the requirements for the position: must have no family, must love the cold, and must know the healing arts. Her depraved relations hardly qualify as family, she’ll wear a shawl, and how hard can it be to learn medicinal ways?

Laird Royce MacLeod rules the fiercest clan in the Highlands with an iron fist, but his two children are another matter. Since the death of his wife, they’ve grown quite unruly. Too busy with his clan duties to tend to them himself, he needs someone with both a spine of steel and a kind heart to subdue them. What he does not need—or want—is to get entangled with a woman who desires anything related to soft emotions from him. So when a mysterious woman appears at his holding showing the sort of mettle he requires, he takes her on, despite her two major flaws: she’s English and she’s beautiful.

Soon, Eve finds herself yearning for the one thing her past prevents her from ever having—the honorable but brooding Highlander. And the Scot who was certain he desired only order and obedience cannot explain the undeniable pull to the chaos and warmth Eve brings to his home. But the more they deny their feelings, the more impossible they become to resist, and when enemies and secrets threaten, Eve and Royce may only survive by surrendering to true love. If only it’s not too late…

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